VHS Video Tape to Digital Media Conversion Service

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Got a stack of old VHS video cassettes sitting in a dusty box in the attic or garage? Got rid of your VHS video cassette player/recorder years ago? Do you have precious memories of home videos or other exclusive material on these old VHS or VHS-C tapes? Well you're in luck. Digitally converting and preserving these priceless memories is what we do.

The use of VHS video tapes has all but vanished in the past 10 to 15 years with the explosion of the digital media age. But that doesn't mean that all is lost for those old tapes... they can be revived! Go ahead and have your old precious memories converted to a digital media format that suits you best, from your standard DVD disc (most popular) to computer video files that can be stored on your PC/Mac or Flash Drive for viewing on your laptop or shared on YouTube/Facebook. These files can also be backed up on Google Drive or Dropbox (personal account space permitting). You can also choose to have the videos converted to a portable media player format so you can watch them on your smart phone or tablet.

Act now these old video tapes don't last forever. Each year that goes by leaves them vulnerable to decay and the dreaded 'tape mould', all leading to a loss in all-round quality or even usability. Converting them to a robust digital format now, not only enables you to see them again, but it backs them up and preserves them for years to come.

Some of your tapes may have been damaged already. Don't despair, we may be able to repair them sufficiently enough to convert and preserve what's on them, depending on the type and level of damage present.

In addition, we can perform some custom editing of the tape as per your instructions (additional charges apply).

Our business values focus on first class and personalised customer service, paying attention to the customer demand, professionalism, and simplicity. If the customer isn't 100% happy, neither are we. With decades of experience in Information Technology and Customer Service, we are confident that we can service your needs and leave you satisfied, or we will give you your money back.

Go ahead contact us now to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote. We don't provide flat rates here as jobs and needs vary from customer to customer, but we can say that our rates are reasonable and competitive.

Note also that conversions of various other media types can also be performed, but this service is limited. Please talk to us with any queries you may have and we will see if we can help you.

As of February 2020, we have relocated from the UK to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.


Call or text: 0420 245 781

Victoria, Australia

email: melbourne@vhs2digitalmedia.com


Please note that while every effort and care is taken to ensure the safety and integrity of your VHS cassettes and tape within, accidents and unfortunate incidents can happen, athough very rare. Therefore we do have to stress that all tapes submitted to us for digital conversion are done so at your own risk. We accept no liability for any unfortunate damage caused to your tapes, whether due to the tapes being previously damaged, or due to unfortunate damage sustained to your tapes during the conversion process. Again, although rare, please bear in mind that it is possible.

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